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Hhfuewbh CRR

Ugh. Wow, i can honestly say that i have no idea what to write about on this one blog. I’m exhausted and i did absolutely nothing today which makes no sense. Seriously, I wasted the last day of summer watching The Lovely Bones and being dragged all over Fred Meyer looking for a locker shelf … Continue reading

Night Owls (CRR)

So I’m sitting here, it’s 11:29 p.m. and I just got back from grocery shopping alone at Winco (I saw Jess and Dominic and Josh and a bunch of other guys in our grade!). Seriously, night time shopping is like, the best thing ever. There’s not a bunch of grumpy moms, glassy-eyed dads, or annoying … Continue reading

Goals (CRR)

When i first signed up for AP Language last year, I can say that I was a little more than nervous. Throughout the class though, I learned that there was nothing to really be afraid of. Yet here we are again, a few weeks out from the beginning of our senior year and I’m nervous. … Continue reading